Loading - Unloading Shipping Containers

Loading - Unloading Shipping Containers

Shipping container loading and unloading can have unique requirements and Crating Unlimited can ensure your cargo is handled properly for transporting to final destinations or off-loading for storage and local distribution.

We begin the loading process by ensuring the cargo or items are properly crated with the appropriate bracing and padding. If necessary we securely palletize and band the items. When heat wrapping or shrink wrapping are needed for further protection from the elements, we can do that too.

Each item will be appropriately marked and the manifest, bill of lading or other required paperwork will be completed and verified. If government crating or military crating is being handled, Crating Unlimited will ensure the appropriate standards and specifications are met.

Crating Unlimited handles both the standard 20 foot and 40 foot containers but we can also load or unload unique sizes. For reference a 20 foot container typically holds about 1,170 cubic feet of cargo and a 40 foot shipping container can accommodate about 2,400 cubic feet of crated cargo.

We also have the ability to load or unload open top containers. These containers, though infrequently used, may be your choice for dry or bulky cargo. If an open top container is used, we can enclose the container with its provided tarp or metal top.

The most efficient method of packing the shipping container will be employed meaning if provided with the information we will load last-in-first-out (LIFO) while following a standard which places heavier items on the bottom and lighter on the top. This practice makes unloading easier while helping protect the cargo during transit or storage. Our professionals will also optimize cargo weight distribution within the shipping container.

If larger components, machinery, parts or items need to be containerized, we palletize and secure each making certain support points or bracing is used at critical or susceptible points.

Crating Unlimited is Houston's best choice for loading or unloading shipping containers. Give us a call at 281 442-4300 to learn more or you can receive a quote by using our online quote request form.

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