ISPM 15 Certified

ISPM 15 Certified

ISPM (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) was developed to prevent the spread of insects and disease brought into a country by untreated wooden crates, pallets and shipping materials. These diseases and insects can directly impact animals and plants within a country. Often the disease or insects are harbored in the bark of containers or pallets made from wood that contains bark or hasn't been chemically treated or heat-treated.

ISPM compliant crates, pallets and cargo must be stamped or otherwise marked with an indelible mark of compliance. Failure to comply or improperly complying can delay or prevent customs clearance; result in cargo being quarantined or cause significant harm to logistics schedules, plus increased transportation costs.

Military cargo and medical cargo are particularly stringent in requiring ISPM compliance and proper markings on all materials they accept, including the pallets cargo are shipped upon. However all cargo shipping internationally must comply, even if the items are packaged in cardboard yet shipped on wooden pallets.

Crating Unlimited has been certified and is in good standing to implement the quality control and inspection procedures for the IPPC Heat Treatment Program under the auditing services of Lee Inspection and Consulting Services, Inc.

The logistics experts at Crating Unlimited understand the critical nature of ISPM 15 compliance for international cargo and we have the audited procedures in place to insure your crated, palletized or otherwise packaged shipment will meet those standards and guidelines. To learn more contact Crating Unlimited in Houston, 281 442-4300.

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 Certificate