Custom Wooden Crates

Crating and packing with custom wooden crates - why you should use them

Custom shipping crate with oil field parts

Crating and packing with custom wooden crates which Crating Unlimited builds at your location when packing cargo, equipment or products gives you several unique advantages. But their use is certainly not new. In fact a stash of ancient coins in a wooden box, dating back over 2,200 years was found near the Dead Sea. Imagine that – over two thousand years and wooden crates are still protecting their valuable cargo!

While we don’t expect our custom wooden crates to last a couple of millennia, we do know they are the best way to ensure the safest handling, storage and transit of your items.

Custom-built wooden crates means you get a container that is measured, designed and constructed to provide the maximum amount of cargo protection while giving you the benefits of being durable (this is especially important if your items will be stored in a warehouse or yard), highly recyclable and reusable plus efficiently loaded, unloaded and or stacked during transport.

Wooden Crates Built Onsite, at Your Location

Wooden shipping crate with heat shrink wrapping

Wooden crates built onsite, at your location gives you all the advantages without the hassles of transporting unpacked and unsecured items to a third party location for packing and storing before shipping to the intended destination. This is why companies such as Emerson, NOV Inc., FMC Technologies and others rely on us for cargo preparation and crating, whether it is for local delivery or anywhere around the world.

Custom wooden crates from Crating Unlimited are also able to handle larger, heavier loads due to the inherent strength of wood and the skilled construction used by our team. Because each crate specifically built for the item, you get a better, more protective fit and we accomplish this without sacrificing durability or economy. Regardless of the item size or urgency of getting it properly protected, our team will bring the equipment, materials and manpower needed to get it packed for an on time delivery.

Since 1996, our satisfied clients also know they can rely on us for other services such as Heat Shrink Wrapping and Vacuum Packing, Hood Box Crating, and Custom Skidding Services as well as others. If you’d like to discuss your crating needs or need a quote, call us at 281-442-4300 (fax: 281-442-7300) or use our contact form online.