C.U.I. Crating Unlimited

provides our customers with a complete and comprehensive range of professional import/export, air, ocean packing and crating services.

C.U.I. is a full service crating company which was established to provide the handling and crating of time critical shipments for the Energy, Construction, Electronic, Semi-Conductor, Petroleum and Marine Service industries.

With over 45,000 square feet of warehouse space, your valuable cargo will stay at our location where it will be packed and crated by professionally trained individuals in complete accordance with industry standards and specifications. Quality is job #1 at

C.U.I. Crating Unlimited
2700 Greens Rd.
Suite M-100
Houston, Texas 77032
Ph:(281) 442-4300
Fax: (281) 442-7300

The industry leader in Professional Packing and Crating Services of all types. We provide all of our customers with the top-notch services listed below. This brief catagorical list provides an overview of the services that have made us the industry leader. But what separates us from the others is the special and personal attention to every detail of the handling of your commodities. Our Services Include:
  • On-Site Crating
  • Skidding
  • Hood Boxing
  • Container Packing
  • Vacuum Packing
  • Blocking & Bracing
  • Retainer Walls
  • Marking
  • LC Marking Compliance
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Much Much More....

New Features and Services

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